Springwater on List of Proposed Sites for Waste Management Facilities

Springwater on List of Proposed Sites for Waste Management Facilities
Posted on 08/07/2015

Springwater Township / August 07, 2015 – Siting of two Solid Waste Management projects will be a topic of discussion at the County of Simcoe, Committee of the Whole meeting on August 11, 2015. A report providing a status update on a planned Organics Processing Facility (OPF) and Materials Management Facility (MMF) includes a siting evaluation and short list of proposed locations for both facilities in Simcoe County.

Five of the proposed sites are in the Township of Springwater:

  • 2249 Flos Road Seven East

  • 1473/1273 Old Second South

  • 2976 Horseshoe Valley Road West

  • 1453 Flos Road Three East

  • 540/528 Penetanguishene Road

An Organics Processing Facility (OPF) is a location where organics (green bin material, potentially materials such as leaf and yard waste, pet waste and diapers) are processed and converted into other valuable products, such as compost or fertilizer.  

A Materials Management Facility (MMF) is a location for consolidation and transfer of waste from multiple collection vehicles for more economical shipment to other disposal or processing locations.

Neither of these facilities is considered a landfill site. Both facilities may be located on the same property.

Initial public information sessions were held in June 2014 and December 2014; and further feedback will be solicited from the public this fall.

“The Township is working closely with the County to ensure all aspects of the plan are considered and evaluated,” says Mayor Bill French. “Understanding that waste management is a sensitive topic; we look forward to our residents being offered the opportunity to provide feedbacks through the public consultation process being planned for this fall. The Township is committed to keeping our ratepayers informed of the progression of this project.”

Details about the proposed facilities including timelines, site details, projected costs, and reports can be found at and