Springwater Launches Community Improvement Plan

Springwater Launches Community Improvement Plan
Posted on 08/28/2017

Township of Springwater / August 28, 2017 – The Township of Springwater has launched a Community Improvement Plan to support local businesses and stimulate investment in the community.

A Community Improvement Plan allows municipalities to establish grants, loans, incentives and other programs to encourage private sector investment in development and renovation efforts that seek to improve and revitalize areas or achieve local goals and priorities.

The Community Improvement Plan endorsed by Springwater Council includes 8 programs. Each program has a maximum funding amount, specific and general eligibility criteria and an application review process to determine appropriateness. Each year Council will determine the overall funding amount allocated to the Community Improvement Plan. All eight (8) programs have been activated and $50,000 has been allocated to the Community Improvement Plan for the 2017 calendar year.

The eight (8) programs included in the Community Improvement Plan are:

Façade Improvement Program (Exterior Improvements)

  • Provides grants for façade restoration and revitalization of commercial and publicly visible and accessible agricultural buildings.

  • Maximum funding: 50% of the eligible costs, up to $5,000

Signage Improvement Program

  • Provides grants for signage upgrades and replacement.

  • Maximum funding: 50% of the eligible costs, up to $1,500

Building Restoration, Renovation and Improvement Program (Interior Improvements or Expansions)

  • Provides grants for interior building renovations / improvements that cover a portion of the costs associated with expansions and additions, general retrofitting, building code upgrades, or the repurposing of buildings for commercial uses.

  • Maximum funding: 50% of the eligible costs, up to $5,000

Planning and Building Permit Fee Rebate Program

  • Provides a rebate for planning and building permit fees associated with redevelopment, infill and new commercial development. For example, fees associated with Site Plan Approval, Severance, Demolition Permits, Building and / or Sign Permits.

  • Maximum funding: 100% of the Township fees, up to $2,500

Development Charges (DC) Rebate Program

  • DC’s are levied by the Township for new residential and non-residential development to pay for a portion of growth-related infrastructure.

  • The DC Rebate Program provides a reduction in DC’s associated with the development and redevelopment of sites. The Program may be combined with the County’s DC Abatement Program.

  • Maximum funding: 60% of the Township’s Development Charge

Historic Property Improvement Program

  • Provides grants for maintenance and upgrades to heritage properties as identified on the Township’s Heritage Register or designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act.

  • Maximum funding: 50% of the eligible costs, up to $5,000

Tax Increment Equivalent Financing Program

  • A tax incentive equivalent to the increase in property taxes as a result of major improvements to a property.

  • Maximum funding: total amount shall not exceed 50% of the total cost of the improvements or $5,000 annually, whichever is the lesser

Accessibility Improvements Program

  • Provides grants for accessibility improvements for commercial or publicly accessible agricultural properties by assisting to cover costs of a design and / or construction of upgrades.

  • Maximum funding: 50% of the eligible costs, up to $1,500

“Each of the programs in the Community Improvement Plan were carefully designed to provide support for businesses investing in our community,” says Mayor Bill French. “The spinoff effects of these investments will build the local economy and strengthen the community within Springwater.” 

For additional information on the Community Improvement Plan, a list of all eligibility criteria or to access an application form, please visit or contact the Township of Springwater Planning Department at 705-728-4784 Ext. 2032.