Off-Road Vehicle Drivers Reminded to Follow the Rules

Off-Road Vehicle Drivers Reminded to Follow the Rules
Posted on 05/18/2016

Off-road vehicle drivers are reminded that riding on the road is not permitted in the Township of Springwater under By-law 2011-029.

Trail riding is restricted to Central Ontario All-Terrain Vehicle (COATV) Club or Simcoe County Off-Road Rider Association (SCORRA) permit holders on trails marked and maintained by the associations. Off-road vehicles are strictly prohibited from driving on private property, road allowances and trails not associated with COATV/SCORRA.

The Township of Springwater actively investigates complaints regarding off-road vehicles driving on private property, roads or municipal property. Anyone convicted of these offenses could face a maximum fine of up to $5,000.

Additional information on off-road vehicles and trail maps are available at or