Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my water meter is frozen, cracked or leaking water?
Call the Township of Springwater during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm) at 705-728-4784. For after hours service call 705-725-2715.

What are the water and sewer rates based on?

As required by the Province, the Township has completed an inventory of our water and sewer systems and estimated the lifecycle costs of all components of the systems.  These lifecycle costs have been incorporated into the water and sewer rates.

How are sewer charges calculated?
Sewer charges are based on metered water consumption at the sewer rates.  

Example of Water/Sewer Bill Calculation
Assume 186 cubic meters consumed in a three month billing cycle.  Rates are graduated based on the amount consumed.


(per m3)



Per m3 charge



45 $1.778     $80.01
45 $2.224
51 $3.113
186 $415.13

Flat Rate
3 $18.48 $55.44
Total Water $470.57


Per m3 charge 45  $1.997   $89.87
45  $2.098  $94.41
45  $2.621  $117.95
51  $3.671  $187.22
186  $489.45

Flat Rate
3  $30.27  $90.81
Total Sewer  $580.26

Total Current Water and 
Sewer Charges

What will be the overall increase in my water rate and sewer service rate over the next few years?
The amount of individual annual water and sewer bills will depend on the amount of water consumed. The current rate calculations recommend an annual increase in the water service rate of 3.5% and the sewer service rate of 3.0% to make asset replacement reserve contributions and offset inflation pressures.

My water usage seems unusually high.  What can I do to check my meter before contacting the Township? 
The Township often received calls from residents concerned with their high water usage. The majority of excess water usage usually results from in-ground lawn sprinklers and water softeners.

To determine the water usage of your sprinkler system we ask that you read the water meter located in your basement prior to the systems coming on and then again immediately after the sprinkler has shut off. The difference between the readings will be the water usage during the sprinkler cycle. We request this also be performed for backwash cycles of your water softener.

To identify leaks in your system we suggest taking a reading of your water immediately prior to going to bed and then again in the morning prior to using any water. This should be performed on an evening when the sprinkler system, water softener backwash or other water usages are not scheduled. If the water meter reading has changed, this suggests a leak.

Finally, we suggest you record your water meter reading daily for a week or two. This will show the daily usage of water and potentially identify causes of high water usage.

How often will residential water meters be read?
The Township will be reading residential meters three time per year around May 1st, August 1st and November 1st. Meter will not be read February 1st due to the difficulty in accessing meters in the snow. The February 1st billing will be based on an average of your usage over the prior two years.

What if my water is brown?
If your household has coloured water, please contact OCWA Georgian Bay at 705-429-2525. OCWA continues to flush water mains for Township of Springwater operated water systems.