Asset Management Plan

The Township of Springwater, in consultation with Hemson Consulting Ltd, has prepared an Asset Management Plan for its core infrastructure services including roads, bridges, water, wastewater, vehicles, machinery, equipment, buildings and other land improvements.  The Plan was adopted by Township Council on July 28, 2014.

The Plan is intended to provide a comprehensive reference for renewing, operating, maintaining, building, replacing and disposing of the municipality’s core Infrastructure Assets. The Plan is based on the guidelines provided in the Province of Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure’s Building Together Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans. The Plan is based on currently available data and information on the core services of the municipality. The plan is a living document and will require continuous updates and improvements over time with the municipality’s ongoing data collection programs.

Asset Management is not a new concept in the Township of Springwater. For many years Council and staff have applied sound asset management principles to maintain records on tangible capital assets, monitor asset condition and performance, and plan for infrastructure acquisition, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement over the long term.

The purpose of this Plan is to build on these existing practices by identifying how best to manage the Township’s infrastructure for the next twenty years.  Ultimately, the Plan will provide Council with information that can guide sustainable infrastructure investment decisions.

View the Township Asset Management Plan here.