Septic Re-Inspection Program

On July 20, 2015 the Township of Springwater adopted By-Law 2015-034 to implement a Septic Re-Inspection Program to ensure the safety of our lakes and drinking water is not compromised.  The 2017 Program will focus on Orr Lake.

Other properties we are monitoring include:

  • Areas near Municipal wellheads that are considered vulnerable.  These areas are called Source Water Protection Areas (SWPA).
  • Sewage systems utilizing treatment units to ensure required maintenance is undertaken.

Forms for recording "Holding Tank Pump-out Agreement", "Septic Re-inspection Pump-out Report" and "Third Party" certifications are available on our Forms and Applications page.

Septic Re-inspection Program - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
Answers to some frequently asked questions about the Septic Re-inspection  Program in Orr Lake this summer.

Septic Re-Inspection Program Guide
A place to start.  This comprehensive guide provides information about the Septic Re-inspection Program from early planning to proposed inspections.  Please note that WSP Canada will be undertaking the septic re-inspections on behalf of the Township of Springwater.



Learn More

To learn more about the Septic Re-Inspection program please contact the Township.

Learn more about Source Water Protection here.

Septic Smart Booklet CoverTo learn more about being "Septic Smart", visit the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) website to view videos covering septic installation, maintenance, new technology and the Simcoe Watershed.