Awards of Merit

Heritage Awards of Merit are an initiative of the Springwater Heritage Committee.  This program recognizes property owners who have demonstrated a commitment to heritage preservation and conservation in the Township of Springwater.  Up to four properties can be selected annually for recognition.

Award Recipients in 2014:
Grenfel Cemetery - 1980 Sunnidale Road, Grenfel

Award Recipients in 2008:

Knupp (Gethons) House - 2944 Highway 26, Minesing
Masonic Lodge - 71 Queen Street, Elmvale
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Award Recipients in 2006:
Campbell (Cole) House - 19 Simcoe Street, Elmvale
Frankcom (Harpell) House - 74 Finlay Mill Road, Midhurst
Midhurst School House - 94 Doran Road, Midhurst
Historic Log Cabin - 1476 Rainbow Valley Road, Phelpston
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Award Recipients in 2005:
Kerr Residence - 2199 Flos Rd. 11 West
Mitchell Property - 1316 Highway 26, Midhurst
Nelson Residence - 3 Mill St. W., Hillsdale
Tapscott Residence - 36 Peter St., Elmvale
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