Municipal Cultural Plan

Springwater Cultural Alliance (DRAFT)


As a driver of the creative economy, the Springwater Cultural Alliance (SCA) will bring together the regional cultural community through collaborative initiatives and an inclusive environment. The SCA will stimulate and encourage community involvement and appreciation of culture and advocate for a strong and viable cultural identity for the Township of Springwater and the surrounding area.


To achieve the goals of the SCA through the establishment of a sustainable centre for culture – a critical mass – that will lead cultural initiatives and develop the partnerships that will define Springwater as one of the leading cultural centres in Canada.

Springwater Cultural Plan

and Key Findings Report 

FINAL Springwater Cultural Plan

Key Findings & Strategic Directions Report

The purpose of the Municipal Cultural Plan for the Township of Springwater is to leverage the rich cultural resources of the community to support planning and economic development, and to increase awareness of these resources for both residents and tourists. The project will broaden recognition of the Township of Springwater as a creative and vibrant municipality where the cultural sector is valued and fostered as a vital component of the community’s social and economic well-being.

The Township of Springwater developed an Economic Development Strategy that was completed in 2010 and identified tourism as one of six key economic sectors in which to drive new investment in the Township. The Strategy recommended that the Township focus on better identifying, promoting and leveraging its tourism assets including its rich natural heritage, recreational opportunities and strong cultural heritage resources. The Municipal Cultural Plan will play an important role in advancing this economic development opportunity.

What is Cultural Planning?

Municipal cultural planning is defined by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport as:

 "A municipal government-led process approved by Council, for identifying and leveraging a community's cultural resources, strengthening the management of those cultural resources and integrating those cultural resources across all facets of municipal government planning and decision making."

Cultural planning embraces a broad definition of cultural resources as illustrated in the diagram below. This includes a wide range of tangible resources such as arts and heritage organizations, cultural occupations and industries, cultural and natural heritage – among others. But it can also explore the areas of intangible cultural assets  - the stories, traditions and unique quality of life that shape a community’s unique identity and sense of place.

Community Participation

The Township of Springwater is excited to have had over 30 people attend the Community Engagement Night, and a total of 109 survey respondents!  This community support is invaluable to the Cultural Planning process and will ensure that the Plan represents the needs and wants of the community. 

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