Midhurst Development

The Midhurst Secondary Plan was initiated by the Township of Springwater out of the need to proactively direct and manage future development. The intent is to achieve a plan that protects the identity and character of existing development while also helping to ensure that land and water resources within Midhurst are also protected.

A Secondary Plan for the community of Midhurst has been developed by the Township of Springwater to help determine the resources and limitations that future growth and expansion in residential and other development would have on the area.

The study has looked at all service aspects of future development including municipal water, sewage or septage treatment, traffic, environmental considerations and other impacts.

On November 28, 2012 the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing withdrew part of its appeal of the Midhurst Secondary Plan. 
As a result of the Ministry’s partial withdrawal, 300 hectares out of the total 756 hectares proposed to be re-designated ‘urban’ in OPA 38 were released from appeal. The remaining 456 hectares and all related policies to OPA 38 will remain under appeal at the OMB.

The Midhurst Secondary Plan has a long and complex history; view a timeline of how the plan unfolded. 

The following documents will provide additional information on the history of the plan:

Image - Designated Lands

Midhurst Secondary Plan OPA 38 - OMB Status

Future Hearing Information (Tentative)

Hearing Date Venue Information
Hearing TBD TBD Potential hearings pending. This page will be updated with information when available.


Pre-hearing # 1      (Issued May 26, 2015)
Pre-hearing # 2     (Issued October 21, 2015)
Teleconference: Pre-hearing # 3 (Issued March 2, 2016; Summary of OMB Decision)
Teleconference: Pre-hearing # 3 - Amendment to Decision (Issued May 2, 2016) 
Hearing and Teleconference: County 20,000 Population Allocation Program (Issued September 16, 2016) 
Teleconference: Pre-hearings on Sept 14 & 21, 2016 (Issued September 28, 2016) 
Teleconference - October 14, 2016 & Hearing - October 24, 2016 (Issued January 4, 2017) 

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