Forms and Applications

Rental Facilities 

Within Springwater, there are community centres located in Anten Mills, Elmvale, Grenfel, Hillsdale, Midhurst, Minesing and Phelpston (Rink Building). Meeting Rooms are also available at the Arena. The Rental of Springwater Facilities Policy outlines the capacity and costs for all facilities, as well as regulations that must be followed by renters.

To book the Township Administration Centre, please: 
- Review the Rental of Springwater Facilities Policy
- Complete the Application form - Administration Centre
- Contact the Administration Assistant at: 705-728-4784 Ext. 2013

To book all other recreation facilities, please:
- Review the Rental of Springwater Facilities Policy
- Contact the Customer Service Team: 705-728-4784 Ext. 2036 

Alcohol Risk Management
All rentals are subject to the Township Alcohol Risk Management Program. (Agreement Form) All alcohol related events require a Special Events Permit. For more information read the Special Events Guidelines from the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit. Outdoor events also require municipal clearance. All rental groups must provide the name of the servers and proof of training such as the Smart-Serve Program. For more information on this policy or a list of trained servers for Township facilities, contact the Manager of Recreation Services.