New & Ongoing Projects

Spring Street Sweeping

Spring street sweeping commences when the weather permits. The program takes approximately 200 hours to complete, and typically runs from early April to June.

Sand that is raked up onto the shoulder areas of piled beside driveways will be picked up with the loader as time permits.

Below is an approximation of the 2017 Spring Street Sweeping Program schedule:

 Elmvale   April 3 to April 20 
 Hillsdale    April 21 to April 25
 Midhurst    April 26 to May 10
 Snow Valley & Anten Mills   May 11 to May 16
 Phelpston     May 17 to May 23
 Minesing    May 24 to May 25
 Grenfel     May 26 to May 29
 Perimeter Roads and Rural Areas    April 3 to June 2

Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

2017 Capital Projects

The 2017 construction season has arrived and the capital road projects are getting underway. The following list details the locations of the approved capital works.
Flos Road 8 East paving, County Road 27 to 2km East  May 15 to June 1
Yonge Street South, Queen Street to south limits September 5 to October 13
St. Patrick's Subdivision, Phelpston Road to Shannon Street May 1 to June 16
Phelpston Road, Flos Road 4 W to St. Patrick's Way May 8 to June 30
Pine Grove Road Resurfacing, Sunnidale Road to Orchardview Road
Summer 2017
Venar Drive Rehabilitation Fall 2017
Partridge Road Rehabilitation Fall 2017
Hendrie Road Rehabilitation, Highway 26 to Vespra Valley Road Fall 2017

Tenders & Bidding Opportunities

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