Current Initiatives

The Township of Springwater adopted its first Economic Development Strategy in June 2010.  The strategy, which was developed through extensive public and stakeholder consultation, identifies five key goals to improve prosperity within Springwater over the subsequent five years.

Since adopted, the Economic Development Working Group (EDWG) along with staff have been working to implement the various action items in order to achieve the overall goals of the plan.   

Economic Development staff are currently working on the following initiatives:

Community Improvement Plan 2015

Community Improvement Plans (CIP) establish policies within a municipal Official Plan to give a particular municipality the ability to help local businesses prosper through various programs such as the following:

  • Development charge reductions
  • Building permit fee reductions
  • Building improvement assistance
  • Tax relief programs 

Without a CIP, municipalities are not permitted to offer these programs.

Programs as listed above are granted for projects that incorporate community improvement objectives established within a Community Improvement Plan. Examples of different construction projects that could be established within a CIP are listed below.

  • Improvements to accessibility
  • Building façade and sign enhancements related to Downtown Revitalization
  • Landscaping enhancements
  • Streetscape improvements
  • Environmental Sustainability (green roofs, LEED buildings etc.)
  • Value added Agricultural projects

The work plan for the Township of Springwater CIP has been split into two phases as demonstrated within Appendix A.

Phase 1 – CIP Strategy will identify potential programs that could be implemented by Council through Phase 2 of the project.

Phase 2 – Phase 2 represents the CIP policy implementation stage and will result in an Official Plan Amendment (OPA), which will legally permit the Township to offer the incentive programs established through Phase 1.

Phase 1 was initiated in January of 2015.  Phase 2 will follow.  The Township of Springwater would like to thank the County of Simcoe for assisting with this project.  For more information please contact the Planning Department.

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Municipal Cultural Plan

The Economic Development Strategy identified opportunities to partner with existing festivals and events, as well as community groups to better promote the municipalities cultural assets (festivals and events, natural heritage, arts and culture, tourism, places and spaces).  In 2011, the Township was awarded a Creative Communities Prosperity Grant from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport for the creation of a Municipal Cultural Plan.  This strategy will recognize the many cultural assets that Springwater is fortunate to encompass and identify a plan to promote and celebrate Springwater’s unique culture.  A steering committee meets monthly to provide input, review and discussion regarding the progress of the plan and consists of public stakeholders representing the following industries:  arts and culture, tourism, recreation, regional economic development, festivals and events and heritage.