Fire Safety

At Home:
Entrusting your children to the care of a babysitter is a major responsibility. Make sure they know your fire plan.
Learn how to help children understand the danger of playing with matches and lights and what to do in case of an emergency.
Older Adults
Check your home for fire hazards and know exactly what to do and where to go if there is a fire. 

Physically Challenged
Talk to family, friends, neighbours and building supervisory staff about your special needs in an emergency.

In the Kitchen & at the Grill:
Kitchen Fires
The majority of kitchen fires begin with cooking equipment. The top sources include stoves and microwave ovens.

BBQ Fires
Cooking out on your gas BBQ is an outdoor pleasure. Take a moment to inspect your grill to ensure your safety.

Holiday & Celebrations Safety: At the Office:
Holiday Safety
To make it a happy holiday, follow these important fire safety tips.

Workplace Fire Safety
Know what to do if a fire started in your office or workplace.

Fire Safety Equipment:
Automatic Sprinklers
Know the facts and myths about home sprinkler systems.
Fire Extinguishers
Know how and when to use portable fire extinguishers.
Smoke Alarms
A working smoke alarm in the home gives you early warning of a fire. Know where to place them. 
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon monoxide poisoning is the number one cause of accidental poisoning deaths in North America. Know the facts.

Water Storage Facilities for Firefighting

The Springwater Fire Department is looking for locations throughout the Township where water could be extracted in the event of a fire emergency. Any owners of ponds or other water sources are asked to contact the Fire Department to discuss the possibility of using facilities on your property. This cooperation could save a life or reduce property damage. For more information, contact the Fire Department.

Fire Safety Training

Springwater Fire Department provides fire safety training to hundreds of people each year, including the "Learn not to burn" program at area schools. If you or your group is interested in Fire Safety training please contact the Fire Department.

Alarmed for Life

Alarmed for Life is a program which is currently being implemented by Springwater Fire and Emergency Services.  Firefighters will be visiting homes and conducting smoke detector tests with local homeowners.  These visits will focus on ensuring that a home has an adequate number of detectors, the detectors are properly placed, and a test will also be performed to ensure that the detectors are working properly.  The firefighters will also be available to answer any questions that the homeowner may have regarding maintenance of detectors or other related fire safety questions.

Fire Safety Videos

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Sparky Says: Join My Fire Safety Club

Children’s Fire Education

Fire Safety for Families with Special Needs Children

Safety Tips for Seniors

Fireworks Safety

Electrical Safety

Home Heating Safety

Fire Escape Planning

Kitchen Safety

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