Fire Prevention

The Fire Prevention Division of Springwater Fire and Emergency Services is responsible for:
Sparky the Fire Dog
  • Fire Code Enforcement
  • Inspections - Upon Request
  • Inspections - Upon Complaint
  • Inspection Blitz's
  • Public Education
  • Fire Prevention Week school visits - By appointment  
  • Fire Hall Tours  - By appointment
  • Sparky Hazard House demonstrations by request
  • TAPP-C (The Arson Prevention Program for Children)
  • Community Festivals
  • Fire Investigations
  • Public Relations
  • Smoke Alarm Program
  • Fire Extinguisher Training for business or home applications
  • Occupant Load Calculations

Issuance of Burning Permits and Fire Danger Rating Signs

If you are in possession of a burning permit these signs will be very helpful to you . They are located where you can obtain information about fire bans and the conditions of the surrounding fuels in which you are burning. Those conditions are as follows

  • LOW -- There is a low fire risk
  • MODERATE -- Carry out any burning with caution.
  • HIGH -- Fire hazard is serious burn permits will be restricted .
  • EXTREME -- Extremely High Fire Hazard No Burning Permitted.

The signs are located at the following places:

  • Hillsdale Fire Hall
  • Minesing Fire Hall
  • County Road 22 and County Road 27
  • HWY 26 in front of the Simcoe County Administration Center
  • Grenfel Community Center at 1254 Sunnidale Road
  • County Road 92 and County Road 29 
For more information on Fire Safety and other fun activities 
visit Sparky on his website