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Students Can Earn Community Service Hours for Clearing Fire Hydrants

Students Can Earn Community Service Hours for Clearing Fire Hyrdrants
Posted on 01/25/2016

SPRINGWATER TOWNSHIP / January 25, 2016 – High school students are required to complete 40 hours of community service in order to receive their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and Springwater has a way for students to earn those hours, improve emergency access to fire hydrants, and keep fit with physical activity.

Students can earn hours by clearing a path from snow to and from a local fire hydrant in their neighbourhood; students subsequently send a tweet to @springwatertwp with a photo of the fire hydrant along with the location and the hashtag #GoodNeighbour to receive .5 community service hours per hydrant.

In order to qualify, snow must be cleared from all sides of the hydrant and a path to the roadway must be created to facilitate fire crew access carrying hoses and other fire suppression tools. Students can maintain the same fire hydrant through the winter as snow accumulation or ploughing can cover or restrict access to a fire hydrant after each snowfall event, and continually earn credits.

 “Blocked hydrants mean a slower response to extinguishing fires which can result in catastrophic consequences if firefighters have to spend time locating a buried hydrant and clearing snow,” says Tony Van Dam, Director of Fire & Emergency Services. “This is the third year that the Township is running this program and we applaud the students who are taking the time to ensure the safety of their neighbours by clearing fire hydrants.”

To earn community service hours, students should:

  1. Completely clear snow around a fire hydrant in Springwater, and create a path to the road
  2. Take a picture of the fire hydrant and path after it has been cleared
  3. Send a tweet to @springwatertwp with a picture of the cleared hydrant, the location and add the hashtag #GoodNeighbour
  4. Log the hours you have completed
  5. Come into the Administration Centre at 2231 Nursery Road to have the Township of Springwater sign off on your community service hours

**Please note that each hydrant cleared is equal to .5 community service hours, and there is no limit to the number of hydrants a student can clear for community service hours**