What is Rzone?

Rzone is a program requiring all persons wishing to visit or use any Township of Springwater facilities, parks, properties, services or programs to respect others and take responsibility for helping the Township maintain a positive environment.

The “R” in Rzone stands for respect and responsibility. Respect for yourself, respect for others, and responsibility for your actions. The logo will serve as a reminder to staff and the public that the program is in effect and applies to everyone.

Rzone is first and foremost, a proactive education and awareness strategy to promote respectful and responsible behaviour at all facilities, events and on municipal properties. The R-Zone program applies to all community organizations and community members using municipal resources.

Why do we need Rzone in Springwater?

Incidents of bullying, violence, intimidation, vandalism, threats, and discriminatory behaviour have unfortunately risen over the years. Prior to Rzone, no Township by-law or policy existed that provided staff with clear direction and authority to deal with issues that were not clearly criminal behaviours requiring police involvement.

What behaviours are considered inappropriate under Rzone?

  • Threats / attempts to intimidate
  • Aggression
  • Use of alcohol / drugs
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Verbal assault / use of profane or abusive language
  • Physical assault / harm
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Attempts to goad or incite violence
  • Bullying, mistreatment which intimidates, humiliates, or demeans another person
  • Possession of weapons or firearms prohibited under the Criminal Code
  • Any contravention of other federal or provincial laws, regulations, Township by-laws or policies deemed to be inappropriate behaviour
  • Refusal to follow the rules established by the Township for use of facilities, properties, sponsored events, written and verbal communications
  • Throwing of articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner
  • Racial or ethnic slurs
  • Use of alcohol on non-licensed premises

If any of the prohibited behaviours occurs during an event organized or administered by the licensee, the license shall make all reasonable efforts to stop the prohibited behaviour prior to seeking the assistance of municipal staff. What is responsible will depend on the degree of sophistication of the licensee.

Where can I learn more?

The full text of the Rzone policy and staff report are available for download:

Staff Report
Rzone Policy