The Director of Public Works heads the Public Works Department which is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all Township roads, ditches and street lights. Public Works also operates the municipal water systems and sewer systems in Elmvale.

The Township roads crew operates out of two public works yards - one in south Springwater on Snow Valley Road and one in north Springwater on Flos Road 7 West.

Seasonal Load Restrictions
The reduced load period in Springwater continues until April 30. By-law 2009-079 restricts loads on most Township roads to 5 tonnes per axle. The imposed weight restriction helps protect municipal infrastructure during spring thaw, when road damage is most likely to occur. 

Traffic Calming Policy

The Township is piloting a new Traffic Calming Policy. Each year the municipality receives a number of concerns related to traffic on area roads; the new pilot policy provides residents, staff, committees and Council with a process for addressing traffic calming requests in Springwater.

Engineering Standards

All new roads and works must be constructed to the Township Engineering Standard. Copies of these Standards are available online or by clicking here. Hard copies of the Engineering Standards can be purchased from the Township Administration Centre (2231 Nursery Road).

Roadside Ditches

Roadside ditches are provided to prevent the draining of water from the neighbouring properties onto the road allowances and vice versa.

The Township will entertain land owner requests for roadside ditching improvements to facilitate tile drain or other drainage outlets. Such requests must be submitted in writing to the Director of Public Works prior to construction.

A cost estimate for the proposed work will be prepared by the Director of Public Works along with a cost sharing formula. Where ditching improvements are solely for the benefit of the land owner(s), all costs will be assumed by those making the request. At least 75% of the estimated cost must be deposited with the Township prior to construction. The Township does not provide ditching services on private property. For more information on roadside ditching, contact the Public Works Office.

In some instances, the proposed ditching would qualify as drainage improvements under the Drainage Act.

All ditch cleaning or  alterations to a ditch that has water flowing or discharges into water courses, requires a permit from the Conservation Authorities.  This application can take up to 2 months, plus the time needed to complete the work.  Therefore, the Public Works Department requires notice of all ditch work by early spring to ensure that the application can be completed in good time.

Driveway Culverts and Headwalls

The responsibilities for the installation, upkeep, continued maintenance and replacement of the driveway culverts for privately owned homes and commercial properties is that of the property owner.  This maintenance is to be the owner's responsibility and come at the cost of the property owner.


To report streetlights that are not working correctly, please contact the Public Works Department and provide the address, location and details of the streetlight.