The Township of Springwater currently operates and maintains 1 active cemetery and  4 inactive cemeteries. There are 12 other cemeteries within the geographical boundaries of Springwater not operated or maintained by the Township. Questions regarding Township operated and maintained cemeteries can be directed to the service agent Sanderson Monuments at 1-800-461-0282, or the Township Clerk’s Office by phone at 705-728-4784 or by email to General Inquiries.  

2012 Cemetery Guiding Principles

Cemetery Name  Location Status
Township Owned
Midhurst Union Cemetery 1444 St. Vincent St. Active
Midhurst Pioneer Cemetery 102 Doran Rd.  Inactive
Christ Church Cemetery 2894 Wilson Dr. Inactive
Swan Family Cemetery Part of Lot 51, Concession 2, Being Part 1, 51R-33205 Not a formal cemetery recognized by the Ministry
Vigo Roman Catholic Cemetery Con 4 S Pt, Lot 21, 4341030005052010000 Inactive
Other Cemeteries
St. James Crown Hill Cemetery 572 Penetanguishene Rd. Active
Grenfel Cemetery 1980 Sunnidale Rd.  Active
Minesing Union 1768 George Johnston Rd. Active
Knox Presbyterian Cemetery 2873 Flos Rd. Eight W. Inactive
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery 1588 Flos Rd. Four W. Active
Hillsdale United Church Cemetery 2246 Mill St. W. Active
Apto Roman Catholic Cemetery 3050 Horseshoe Valley Rd. W. Inactive
Hillsdale Presbyterian Cemetery 4391 Penetanguishene Rd. Active
Elmvale Presbyterian Cemetery 94 Queen St. E. Active
Allenwood Cemetery 2354 Flos Rd. Eleven W. Active
Dalston Cemetery 1734 Penetanguishene Rd. Active
St. Thomas Anglican Cemetery 1910 Flos Rd. Ten W. Inactive